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Shooting Sports

At The High Lonesome Ranch, we offer a variety of shooting sports that will accommodate everyone from beginner to expert, from shotgunners to riflemen.

Shotgunners have a variety of clay bird games to hone their skills and sharpen their focus. Rental guns are available through the Lonesome Outfitter, and certified instruction is available for men or women, and for beginner and experienced shooters alike. All shooters get a safety presentation before going afield and all hunters shoot targets to sight in their weapons.

Sporting Clays

The 5-stand course at High Lonesome is possibly the prettiest one you will find anywhere. There are high incomers that are launched from the top of the ridge to crossing pairs that explode from the sagebrush cover. It’s a great combination of technical and hunting shots, and odds are that when you’ve finished the round you’ll want to shoot it again. Target presentation at the 5-stand course is frequently changed to also offer a series of instructional stations for new and beginning shooters. Every instructor at the ranch is NSCA Level 1 certified.

Pheasant Walk

The Pheasant Walk takes shooters into a hunting-scenario and shooters walk a lane as clays are launched in flight patterns similar to what shooters will see during their hunt. Here, shooters follow the natural terrain as they would a walk up hunt, and clays are spontaneously presented. The report double that breaks to the right might make you want to get the dogs and get out in the field.

Flurry Shoot

This series of high, incoming shots are launched from a hill-top house with 3 clay machines. Reminiscent of an English driven shoot, between 20-60 clays per minute are thrown from the top of a ridge. Gunners are positioned down a line of shooting butts/pegs at the bottom. The high-incoming targets fly at a variety of heights, with some being closer to the butts/pegs than others. The Flurry is fast, furious and fun! By the time you’re done with the Flurry you’ll be as sharp as you’re going to get –– at least for this day.

Rifle Range

Head to the rifle range to sight in your weapon before a big game hunt. Set a series of paper targets for sighting in your rifle or pistol, and when everything is in alignment shoot a few of our distant iron silhouettes. Kids who have always wanted to shoot can, and we will review range and firearm safety before embarking on a fun time of shooting a .22 rifle.

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