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Kimball Creek Restoration

The Kimball Creek Valley project embodies all of HLR’s conservation goals and principles.
The 16.5-mile-long project will be one of the nation’s largest, privately funded, native heritage cutthroat habitat restoration project and the marquis ecological project at the Ranch. Upon completion, Kimball Creek Valley will rank among the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the country. It will show how compromised ecosystems can be returned to full productivity, including restoration of groundwater resources to produce both a higher quantity and quality of water for the entire valley and downstream communities.

The project will create a national restoration template for water usage, water rights law and public policy that will benefit ecosystems well beyond its boundaries.

For more information on HLR’s conservation and restoration projects, plus our onsite partner’s generation of new scientific knowledge about western ecosystems, wildlife and natural resources, and its ultimate application and sharing, visit the High Lonesome Institute website.

We are much more than a Guest Ranch

We are a Guest Ranch because we believe in stewarding this large western landscape and sharing it with others. We have a working model of sustainability that maintains biodiversity and ecological connectivity, enhances the lives of wildlife and fish, and preserves and restores degraded habitat while promoting a mix of uses...

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