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Dude Ranching for Family Generations

Dude Ranch weeks are made for families. And even better when multiple generations can come together. To help make that happen, your FIRST CHILD COMES FREE when booked by January 1st, 2018 AND The High Lonesome Ranch is inviting Grandparents to come for free to help make new traditions within family generations.  Different activities each day keep it lively and lots of variety keeps everyone happy. Everyone can discover their own Inner Cowboy, and there is no boredom, no electronic noise, no whining.

This year we’re putting a special focus on generational visits. We want multiple generations to experience the beautiful outdoors together. We encourage you to enjoy the High Lonesome Dude Ranch with your family members, pass on traditions, have fun, learn new things together, and enjoy the pride gained while participating in outdoor sports together – building camaraderie and learning about good sportsmanship.

Next summer Grandmother and Grandfather will enjoy a totally free Dude Ranch trip when they come with 5 other family members. The experience offers you 6 nights and 5 days of equestrian heaven. Different activities each day keep it lively and lots of variety keeps everyone happy.

We invite you to explore this majestic and vast swath of acreage along the spine of the continent – the rugged western slope of the Colorado Rockies – with your family. We are an organization committed to conservation, habitat restoration, science, and research, so young visitors can come to experience the things that make the great outdoors truly great.

You’ll wake early each morning to our wild rugged landscape, smell the clean air, grass, and hay, and hear the quiet of the wide, open spaces. The week will begin when you’re matched with the perfect horse that you get to call your own throughout your stay. Each day will bring variety and activities ranging from riding through cottonwoods and fording streams to fly-fishing for hungry trout, shooting sporting clays, driving cattle with our cowboys, and even getting a little adrenaline rush by barrel racing against our stop watch or sorting the right marked cow out of the bunch and separating it to another pen. They will be unforgettable days of adventure and laughter, and your family will forever hold the memories of this trip together.

Call for details and to book your multi-generational family week. 970.283.9420

We are much more than a Guest Ranch

We are a Guest Ranch because we believe in stewarding this large western landscape and sharing it with others. We have a working model of sustainability that maintains biodiversity and ecological connectivity, enhances the lives of wildlife and fish, and preserves and restores degraded habitat while promoting a mix of uses...

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Dude Ranch Unplugged: Book Summer 2019 Now

Summer calls for it. Different outdoor activities each day keep it lively and lots of variety keeps everyone happy. Pack up the family for a summer reboot.


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