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Big Game Hunting

Over the years, The High Lonesome Ranch has managed our wildlife for health and well-being, as well as for size of the animals and the herds. We have great populations of elk and mule deer as well as mountain lions and bear. Merriman turkeys are also actually considered a part of the big game category.

The High Lonesome Ranch is continually striving to improve the quality of its animals. We are dedicated to ensuring a high-quality and sustainable future. By allowing younger animals to reach a mature age class and their genetic potential, we will provide a quality hunt with an ever-improving class of animals.

The management practice in place is that elk to be harvested will be 320″ or larger Boone and Crockett class and mule deer will be 180″ or larger Boone and Crockett class. Call and talk to our reservations expert on big game for more detailed information on hunting. These hunts are strenuous and require good conditioning before your scheduled trip, so plan ahead.

Turkey Hunts

We have Turkey-Trout Cast & Blast in the spring, which is a real favorite. Turkey season coincides with early spring fishing for hungry trout. Fat Merriam turkeys will be here and waiting.  Where the girls go the boys will follow. It’s turkey rut time and there is plenty of exciting action. Turkey hunting starts early, so make sure you get here for a hearty and delicious dinner the night before and get a good night’s sleep after some star gazing around the fire pit. When the morning hunting is done and you’ve had a break, you’ll be ready to enjoy the North Dry Fork Valley for some exciting early season trout fishing. Five species of hungry trout offer the opportunity for a Grand Slam. Nice weather, lots of birds and super active fish will surely make for a memorable trip.

Wild Horse Viewing

A short drive can be arranged to see the wild horses that are descendants of Native American and Spanish horses. Usually we make a half-day trip out of it and take along a picnic lunch. Cameras and binoculars are useful and welcome.

Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers have been flocking to this area extending from the Western Slope of Colorado to Utah for years. What brings them here is the dryness of the air, the variety of terrain, the change in elevation, and the vast, unspoiled beauty. Mountain biking at The High Lonesome Ranch is where all of the beautiful worlds come together. Begin your trek with an easy warm up on relatively flat elevation, and choose a trail to suit your mood. You’ll ride past ponds, creeks and fields. The views are unparalleled, and are eclipsed only by the wide variety of wildlife that you’ll see along the way. Ride with pre-arranged ranch directions or just explore on your own.


Our Kimball Creek and N. Dry Fork valleys offer cascading trails that wind through the lowland valleys up towards the alpine mesas and in and out of the century-old cattle trails. The ranch covers all the altitudes from 4,000 – 9,000 feet. At lower elevations, hikers enjoy lush views of the fertile riparian corridor. At higher elevations they can hike through the aspen and conifer stands to enjoy seemingly endless views into Utah. From easy hikes with plenty of wildlife along the way to vigorous, calorie-burning sojourns, you’ll find it all at The High Lonesome Ranch.

Horseback Riding

Variety is the spice of life and at The High Lonesome Ranch that sentiment carries over into our equestrian program. For those guests whose interests are focused on and around horses, make sure and look at our weeklong Dude Ranch experiences. On the ranch you’ll find a tremendous number of options that will satisfy a child, a first time adult rider, or an incredibly skilled horseman. Come explore a combination of our miles of trails that are cut throughout this enormous western landscape. Each trail was hand charted and cut with the wide variety of skill sets of our guests in mind. Some trails follow creek bottoms while others venture throughout the alpine mesas and valleys. Horse aficionados sometimes favor group rides at Castle Rock Creek and a night or two in an Out of Africa-style tent. Ride for an hour, ride for a day, ride for a week. The possibilities are endless.


One of the most popular activities on the ranch is birding. With a variety of habitats and elevations ranging from 5,000 to 9,000 feet, the ranch provides great viewing opportunities. Essentially an ecotone, this transition zone is where two distinctly different habitats come together and birds from both zones can flourish. There are more than 100 species of birds to see on The High Lonesome Ranch, and we’ll provide you with the binoculars and the field guides necessary to identify them. Guided field trips are available, so come see raptors, songbirds, game birds, waterfowl, and wading birds to name just a few. The ranch’s dramatic change in elevation creates great diversity that brings even the most seasoned wildlife enthusiasts back for more. Combine birding with another activity like horseback riding, hiking or mountain biking, and you’ll be sure to cover ground while locating birds on your list.

Wildlife Viewing

The staggering size of The High Lonesome Ranch makes for an enjoyable wildlife safari. Enjoy a backcountry tour led by our veteran guides throughout the wilderness reaches on the ranch. You’ll find black bears, elk, mule deer, eagles, mountain lions, and wild turkeys. Some of the best viewing is enjoyed from horseback or mountain bike, but if you prefer, our fleet of 4x4s will take you to parts of the ranch that very few people see per year, so pack your camera, an assortment of lenses, and come along!

Winery Tours, Golfing, Hot Springs, Winter Sports, and more are also on our list of adventures. Just ask.

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