The Legendary White River

The Legendary White River at the K-T Ranch is one of the most highly sought after properties for trout fishing in Colorado and the USA. The K-T has one of the best stretches, all 7.1 miles of it that includes three spring creeks and beaver ponds. The incredible diversity that you’ll find here is staggering and stimulates anglers of all abilities. There are browns and rainbows in beautiful, vibrant colors, cutthroats and cutt-bows, too.

The White River is a freestone river with headwaters in the Flat Top Mountains and flows all the way to its junction with the Green River in Utah. More than a century ago, the Ute Indians called the misty stretch the “Smoking Earth River.” The river got its name from the steam rising from the river in the spring and in the fall, and anglers fishing during those times are shrouded in fog in the mornings and the evenings. In-between times are a little slice of magic.

Fishing The White

The sun is usually out after breakfast, and that means it’s time to fish. The White River is the kind from which legendary trips are made. There are plenty of riffles, runs, pools and back eddies throughout our 7.1 miles of private water. That’s a lot of water to fish, but if you stay for a long time you may get to it all.

You’ll find trout holding where they should hold. You’ll find them in current seams, above or below rocks, in back eddies, along blowdown, at the head and tailouts of pools, classic stuff. The difficult part is not hooking the fish, it is in landing them. Once hooked, the trout dash and dart and try and put every piece of watercress and weed on your tippet. It’s a dramatic style of fishing, and anglers may need to take a breather after they release their fish. One thing for sure is that after you fish the White River you’ll want to come back again. And again. And again.

One thing for sure is that after you fish the White River you’ll want to come back again. And again. And again.

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Spring Creeks

Each of the spring creeks is different, and they vary from medium-sized with healthy watercress beds and two-foot trout drifting in and out of the recesses to even larger. The new Lone Tree Spring Creek is small in width, but long on distance as it runs for ¾ a mile. There are 23 pools in the creeks that run through a hay field. The fish in the spring creeks are big and bold.

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Beaver Ponds

After you catch a few trout in the spring creeks, you can head to the beaver ponds and sight cast to cruising fish. There are plenty of places to cast from, and you’ll have no problem spotting the trout. Getting them to eat is a different experience, but that is what our expert guides will help you do.

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Fishing is good for 10 months of the year. Winter midging is a patient exercise in solitude, with that tranquility being broken maybe by a buttery brown. In April and May the water levels are good. Temperatures have warmed enough so as to put the trout on the feed, and they take dries and wets equally well. From the end of May through June is typically runoff season. Just before July 4 the water is perfect and prime time fishing is here. From Baetis to several colors of caddis to multiple colors of stoneflies and Tricos, you’ll find plenty of hatches to match. Fall is Hopper Season in Meeker and with so many hay fields adjacent to the riverbanks you’ll want to bring a variety of fly patterns. Bring along some crickets, ants and beetles and sight cast to rising trout. As the temperatures begin to drop, swing streamers along the banks and dead-drift nymphs in the velocity changes. Our trout fight hard and when you bring them to the net you’ll see more splendid colors than are represented in the turning leaves on the trees.


K-T Ranch is a High Lonesome Ranch property.

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