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Dude Ranch

Explore your western heritage. Find your inner cowboy.

You’ll ford streams, ride miles of mountain valleys and trails, and drive cattle. A trip to The High Lonesome Dude Ranch will bond your family or group like never before. You’ll also bond with your horse, which is hand picked just for you and chosen to fit your riding ability and temperament. You will also have a new “ranch family” that includes other guests, your wranglers, and especially your horses.

It’s a time of new experiences, unusual activities, and western adventure. We are a working cattle ranch using best new practices and are excited to share how that works and what that means. Every day will entertain you. Your time here might even teach you a few things if you’re open to that. We are a conservation organization first, and a guest ranch second. Our ways of doing things are calculated and we are happy to share our thinking on our new Land Ethic. There is a real method to our every move.

We’ll keep you busy with riding lessons, trail rides, western obstacle courses, participation in a real cattle drive, team penning, roping, fly-fishing, sporting clays, wild horse viewing, picnics, and wildlife viewing. There will never be a dull moment, but you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the company of friends and family, great food, restful sleep, and lots of laughs.

If it’s your first time in the saddle or your 50th year, we’re a good fit. First of all, you’ll really get to know your horse so you two can learn to work together. You’ll get to know your fellow dude ranchers so you can have company along the way or help each other on the trail. You’ll see things from the height of a horse with all new eyes.

Our Dude Ranch weeks give you time to get to know your horse and form relationships. Our Tenderfoot Experience is an abbreviated trip, and we offer two Adults Only weeks a year. With any choice, you’ll bond with your group and make new friends.

Every day concludes with a social and dinner then a story or game or s’mores around the fire pit. These are great times to share your day’s adventures.  It’s all about making memories that will last a lifetime for you and your group.

For more details, see our High Lonesome Dude Ranch website.

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We are much more than a Guest Ranch

We are a Guest Ranch because we believe in stewarding this large western landscape and sharing it with others. We have a working model of sustainability that maintains biodiversity and ecological connectivity, enhances the lives of wildlife and fish, and preserves and restores degraded habitat while promoting a mix of uses...

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Epic Spring Fishing

The feeding frenzy begins in April: You'll want to be here after what seems like an eternity of winter. As winter fades, temperatures increase, and so it goes with a trout's feeding behavior. And in nature's flawlessly synchronized plan, the long-awaited mayflies start to emerge. Trout are coming out of hibernation and their metabolisms are on overdrive. It is the rare and perfect set of circumstances for fly-fishing. The only thing missing is you. Book your dates now.


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