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HLR Angus beef, great local farm-to-table food sourced from the HLR orchard and herb garden with local pork and lamb from neighboring ranches paired with excellent local wines followed by starry fire pits are our inspired standards.

The culinary structure here at The High Lonesome Ranch is very unique. Our dining program is based on the needs and desires of the guests staying with us at the time. Menus can range from classical preparations, to family style, to multi course-tasting menus.

Dining experiences range from Dude Ranch family-style meals to Elevated Dining Experiences of multiple courses paired with appropriate excellent wines. Our own custom team-designed and fabricated barbeque pit is often used when we are serving outdoors or when we’re preparing anything that is perfect for grilling outdoors. Meals are served either in the HLR Pavilion, the Headquarters Dining Room near the fireplace, or Castle Rock Pavilion for a change of scenery. Sometimes we even take banquet tables and tablecloths out on the trail and welcome riders for a freshly prepared seated lunch under a stand of old trees. Many styles and many choices are always options, but every one is always an experience to look forward to.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have dedicated and talented food producers locally. Each individual or group contributes to the culinary experience we share with guests. Our neighboring ranches and FFA kids raise laying chickens, goats for milking, pigs for charcuterie, and our lamb. Our husband and wife team Directors of Agriculture and Ranching raise all of our beef, while our gardening staff and our Food and Beverage Team plant, nourish, and harvest all of our fruits, vegetables and herbs. Our beverage program is also contributing to the overall HLR food and beverage experience. We are producing our own sodas, barrel aged cocktails, and brewing our own beers here in house. The bounty and the opportunities are truly endless.

Our team starts seeds in our custom greenhouse and then transfers them to the ground when the weather is just right. Tended daily by the staff they are harvested just at the right moment for the Executive Chef’s and the Breakfast Chef’s daily inspired creations. Fresh-cut produce lends brightness and freshness that is quickly recognized and appreciated.

All of our meals are carefully planned, bringing everyone in each group together to share their days and a diverse selection of contemporary western fare with world influence.

The laid-back luxury lodging, good people and naturally beautiful surroundings complement our world-class food in ways that create memorable life experiences. We believe strongly in building and sustaining our soil, our livestock, and our neighbors. Even our dining program supports this goal. These things and our reason for doing all of this – conservation and restoration of this western landscape for multiple uses so we can make it healthy and productive in perpetuity and share it with other families – are part of what make us “exactly as wild as you want.”

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We are much more than a Guest Ranch

We are a Guest Ranch because we believe in stewarding this large western landscape and sharing it with others. We have a working model of sustainability that maintains biodiversity and ecological connectivity, enhances the lives of wildlife and fish, and preserves and restores degraded habitat while promoting a mix of uses...

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Epic Spring Fishing

The feeding frenzy begins in April: You'll want to be here after what seems like an eternity of winter. As winter fades, temperatures increase, and so it goes with a trout's feeding behavior. And in nature's flawlessly synchronized plan, the long-awaited mayflies start to emerge. Trout are coming out of hibernation and their metabolisms are on overdrive. It is the rare and perfect set of circumstances for fly-fishing. The only thing missing is you. Book your dates now.


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